Never Mow Your Lawn Again

Arrange for professional lawn mowing in Canton & North Canton, OH

Raking leaves is a frustrating chore, but it's vital to maintaining a healthy lawn. If you're fighting an uphill battle against fall leaves, enlist the help of My Buckeye Lawn, LLC. We provide efficient and affordable leaf removal services to homeowners in the Canton & North Canton, OH area.

We'd be glad to give you an estimate. Call (330) 474-2810 now to schedule leaf removal services.

Why hire a professional?

Why hire a professional?

Sure, you could mow your lawn yourself, but you'd be missing out on the great benefits of having a professional mow your lawn. When you hire us, you can...

  • Enjoy a beautifully maintained yard year-round
  • Gain knowledge and expertise from us
  • Avoid buying your own expensive lawn care equipment
Contact us now to schedule a lawn mowing service. We service Canton, OH and all of the surrounding areas.