Don't Let Leaves Choke the Life out of Your Lawn

You can count on us for prompt leaf removal in the Canton, OH area

Raking leaves is a frustrating chore, but it's vital to maintaining a healthy lawn. If you're fighting an uphill battle against fall leaves, enlist the help of My Buckeye Lawn, LLC. We provide efficient and affordable leaf removal services to homeowners in the Canton, OH area.

We'd be glad to give you an estimate. Call 330-575-8205 now to schedule leaf removal services.

Winter leaf removal matters

Winter leaf removal matters

Just because peak leaf season is over doesn't mean you should stop doing leaf removal. Leaving leaves on your lawn all winter can...

  • Create perfect hiding spots for rodents and snakes
  • Deprive your lawn of sunlight and oxygen
  • Encourage fungal growth

We can provide leaf removal services throughout the winter to prepare your lawn for spring. Contact our Canton, OH-based landscaping company today to make an appointment.